What can I expect before, during, and after the session?

First, we’ll setup a time to meet either at a coffee shop, the studio, in person or over the phone. Then, we’ll go over every aspect of unique session. We’ll collaborate and discuss the style of shoot you have envisioned or any ideas, questions or expectations you may have. We’ll choose a location for the session, go over tips on how to dress for the shoot, props, makeup and hair. Please speak up if you have a preferred location. If the location you suggest for some reason isn’t ideal we will discuss locations. The session can take place in studio, on-location and in some cases in your home.

During the session, you relax! Some of the best shots are people just simply being themselves! You laugh, smile and have fun!

After the session, you can check my blog and social media for a sneak peek image, usually a few days after the shoot. This will give you an idea of what you will see in your custom gallery, Be sure to follow my social media so you can be tagged. Then, you will receive a email with a link to your gallery. From there you can sign in and view your gallery, purchase wall art, digital images, products, or albums. Another option I prefer but not required is a reveal session. We will meet up and go over everything in person, this way you can view samples of some different products before you make your investment.

When is the best time of day to schedule an outdoor session?

The best time of day to schedule outdoor sessions is in the couple of hours following sunrise or the few hours before sunset. I wont refuse sessions at other times during the day, but these time frames tend to produce the best colors, light and ensure no harsh shadows or squinting. I can manipulate the lighting in some cases and we can find shade, use reflectors and of course I have off camera flash when needed. But those are the preferred times to shoot.

What should I wear to the session?

The preconsult will go over what to wear in much more detail and pertain more to your custom session, but here are a few quick tips, Dress in layers, it can add so much to an image. Wear a sweater or a scarf to add a pop of color, Men can wear a nice button up shirts with a solid colored shirt underneath, or a light jacket over a solid colored shirt. It’s best to not choose clothing with logos, bright neon colors, small patterns, or chevron print. Polka dots can work in some cases but it takes some serious coordinating everyone’s outfit so it doesn’t clash.

Another sometimes unflattering wardrobe choice is to have everyone matching. Although this can look great if done strategically, example would be mother and daughter or sisters in an exact matching dress from the same store. This looks great! Let’s put everyone in (insert color here) shirt and we sometimes end up with tons of different shades of that color and it doesn’t look good in the final image.

You can always add accessories like hats, belts, jewelry, boots. Maybe a new pair of shoes. Sometimes our feet get overlooked when coordinating outfits but nice shoes can really add that perfect touch to the final images Please! Please! Please iron your clothes to avoid wrinkles. My best tip, You do you, wear something that matches your personality.It’s so important to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you don’t like dresses, don’t wear one just for the session.

What if someone gets sick or an we have an emergency?

Please do not come to your session sick! If I am sick, I will call you ASAP to reschedule. I wouldn’t want to infect you or your family! Please do the same for me! I work with newborns and would prefer to not be exposed if at all possible. If you show up at the and I believe you or your child is sick and you come anyway, I reserve the right to refuse service. Call me as soon as possible if you or your child is sick. If you must reschedule/cancel your session due to sickness or other personal emergency do this as soon as possible! Rescheduling is done on a case-by-case basis. No shows, or several reschedules will result in the loss of your creative session fee, and another session fee will be required to hold your new date.

What if the weather does not permit the session to take place?

No worries! A quick change of location can sometimes solve this dilemma, but if the client is unable to reschedule or has their heart set on a specific location, a reschedule date is made at no additional charge.

Is there a referral program or Vip group?

Yes! You will receive a $50 referral credit for each client you refer that books. Join my VIP Facebook group for first chance at special offers and mini sessions. Join here!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/192333048167660/

Will my images be edited/retouched?

Yes, basic retouching is included in the custom session. Addition retouching is offered at a per image rate, The cost would depend on the amount of retouched you wish to have done to each image. These addition services include but not limited to slimming, wrinkle reduction, teeth whitening, extreme acne removal.

Does Amanda Gonzalez Photography offer Military discounts?
Yes! The military discount is 20% off the creative session fee. Please mention at the time of booking.

How long are images kept on file for re-orders?
You are able to order for six months from the session date.

When is payment due and do you offer payment plans?
An invoice will be sent to you via email at the time of booking for the $199 creative session.  The invoice must be paid within 48 hours to reserve your date. I do offer payment plans which are different for each session type. Please call me to discuss further.

Can my session take place on railroad tracks?

No! I will never put you or your family in danger! Please do never expect me to do something that would put either of us in danger. Not only is this my policy, but it’s the law.

What are your Policies and expectations?

I will do everything in my power to arrive on time to your session. If something should happen I will call you immediately. Please return the courtesy and be on time for your session. I rely on the light the sun provides, and if you’re late, you may lose time from the session.  I am aware things do happen beyond our control, traffic and accidents. All I ask is that if at all possible, be on time for your session.

With each printed image you purchase you will receive a complimentary social media sized file of the image to share on social media . If you share your images on social media, Please tag my Facebook business page, https://www.facebook.com/photographyamandagonzalez/ or add a small credit Amanda Gonzalez Photography.

Prices and or policies are subject to change at any time. The prices listed at the time of your booking are the prices that will apply to your custom session.