Every woman NEEDS a boudoir session!


 While you have likely thought of all the reasons why not to do a boudoir session,  you probably haven’t thought of the upside. You may not be feeling very confident, maybe you haven’t lost that extra baby weight , you’re afraid what someone might think since society has taught us all to judge each other.

 It seems we’ve all become vulnerable to what someone else might think rather than empowering ourselves and helping other women to feel empowered. No perfect body exists and no matter how healthy, or in shape, everyone has a part of their body they’re less confident about.

It takes a bit of courage to take down the shield and shine, but when you do you will love it! Every good boudoir photographer knows exactly how to use light and pose to get the most flattering angle. It may even give you a glimpse at a side of yourself you haven’t seen. Help you to see how beautiful you truly are.

While many woman like to treat their significant other to an album of flirty images, you don’t have to have a significant other for a reason to book. Boudoir is about celebrating who you are and feeling confident in your skin. A way to boost your self-esteem and feel sexy. You deserve a chance to release your inner goddess!

Getting treated like a queen for a few hours is so amazing! Professional hair and makeup makes us all feel sexy in front of the camera. Take a step back, relax and appreciate who you are and have a blast doing it.  During a boudoir session, you get the opportunity to see yourself in a whole new light and hopefully turn any fears you may have into empowerment.

"Be confident, be strong, be beautiful!"

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A fun unique experience before the big day! Maybe you aren’t planning a huge Vegas blowout with the girls or even plan on partying like rockstars before you say I do. But still want to to something fun and memorable with your besties.

On the other hand if you have a big night out planned. Then this is the perfect opportunity for  everyone to relax and get all dolled up with professional hair and makeup, relax and feel sexy before the night out on the town!

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