Capture every lash, precious little lips, tiny fingers and toes so you can always look back at these memorable moments. The ideal time to photograph newborn babies is under two weeks of age — after two weeks babies tend to sleep less and are a little harder to calm as they become more alert. It can be done after two weeks old, but you should be prepared that some poses may not be possible. You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy to give me an estimated due date, I will then make a tentative booking and you may contact me as soon as your bundle of joy arrives to schedule the session.

Preparing for the session and what to expect

Newborns tend to be very unpredictable. It’s completely normal for babies to cry at some point during the session. Please don’t stress about it. I have two children of my own and I will be more than patient with your baby.

Newborn sessions take longer than a typical session, anywhere from 1-4 hours. The session time can vary so much, it just comes down to babies temperament the day of the session. We will take several breaks to feed, change and soothe baby. If you can bring your baby with a full tummy and sleepy that will help keep baby relaxed for the session.

You may want to consider wearing something you won’t be too warm in the day of the session. The heater will be cranked up high to keep baby warm and comfy. Bring extra clothes for you and baby. Let’s face it: babies pee and poop, sometimes on parents, sometimes on me. It happens, and I am prepared for when it does. I have a spare change of clothes handy for accidents and all of my wraps, backdrops, blankets, and props are washable. Everything used during the session is washed and sanitized between clients.

Please bring all other essential needs for your baby, especially extra formula or breast milk, we will need it. Please feel free to bring anything else you wish to incorporate. Maybe bring a blanket passed down from a family member or anything close to your heart and special to you.