Family sessions are really laid back; these are your memories. Let’s catch those perfectly imperfect moments your family shares. Having fun, laughing, giggling and smiling. The best images are the ones where everyone is together simply enjoying the moment.

It’s not always just about taking a picture, but having someone capture you and your family making memories. I understand that the perfect shot may not be posed with everyone forcing a smile, looking at the camera saying “cheese”. It is about capturing something beautiful to look back and cherish.

During your creative session you can expect fun, silly games like who can make the funniest faces — this almost always ends with laughs and big smiles. Posed shots will be incorporated, just in a nontraditional way. Let’s face it — most people get nervous in front of a camera, especially kids! By playing silly games and laughing it out at first we get rid of the nervous jitters and get better posed shots.

Worried your kids won’t behave for a shoot? Sometimes kids have meltdowns, and that’s perfectly fine. Who doesn’t feel like having a meltdown once in a while? This is where our pre-consult comes in; it’s so important to have a game plan for how we want the session to go. By planning and being prepared we can minimize the things that can go wrong during your session. For example: we don’t want to schedule your session at nap time! We will want to pick the time of day your children are usually in the best mood.  We can go over ideas on how to get the kids involved and excited about the session and let everyone share ideas.

 If I learned anything from my two kids it’s that they can smell fear; if you’re nervous just relax, and your kids will follow!