How it works
First we have a pre-consult where we’ll go over all the details of your session. We will discuss your comfort level and whether you prefer to stay fully clothed, partially clothed, or nude. You definitely don’t have to take off all of your clothes to be sexy. There are several different options; every session will be personalized to fit you and your style, and what makes you feel comfortable. Of course if sexy, steamy, and seductive is your style, we can definitely make it happen!

Preparing for a session
Get a good night’s sleep! It’s important to be well rested to look your best. Enjoy a relaxing day with a mani/pedi and drink lots of water the days leading up to your session. The day of your session avoid wearing tight fitting clothing — dress in loose fitting clothing to avoid line marks on your skin.

Protecting privacy regarding intimate Boudoir images
Your privacy is top priority! All of your images are edited by me in private! I will not outsource editing so there’s no need to worry about random people gaining access to your private images. I only print wall art using a highly reputable professional printing lab which safeguards my client’s privacy. I will never share your images anywhere without your permission! If you are interested in seeing other empowering images my clients have shared or you would like to share your collection, be sure to join my Private VIP Facebook group. Amanda Gonzalez Photography Foxy Glamour VIP- for women only.

What to wear
If you’re a bit modest: a t-shirt and jeans, your partners favorite shirt, or your teams jersey. Or we can work just covered a bit with the sheets! Can you picture sitting on a chair, in an oversized sweater draped off the shoulder, drinking a steamy cup of coffee? I am full of ideas that don’t involve nudity! However, if you’re going for a more seductive, kinky, bombshell look we can make it happen! Nude, corsets, bras (lace can make the girls look bigger), panties, booty shorts and heels, or lingerie.

Let’s not forget the accessories: jewelry, sexy heels, thigh high stockings, fishnets, garters. Feel free to bring something you love, something that makes you smile! If you enjoy reading bring a favorite book. You can also bring something that belongs to your partner like a tie, hat, or button up shirt. Are you an artist? Bring a canvas! Love music? Bring along an instrument. The possibilities are endless! Most of all we want to have fun and rock your session!